Pugs in history!


Abt. 1896

How awesome is this cabinet card?  A little boy with long ringlet curls, wearing a beautiful dress, and the icing on the cake is his adorable pug puppy wearing a plaid bow!  And look at how he’s resting his little hand on the puppy’s paw…it’s just too sweet!  I want to know how they got that pug to sit so still. The photographer must have had mad skills.

The little boy is De Vere Charles Haskell.  He was born in 1893, grew up in Arcade, New York and later lived in Buffalo with his wife, Fannie (nee Smith).  He graduated from the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science and the Arts in 1916 and after serving in the military for three years, began a career as a bookkeeper and accountant.


Abt. 1899

Also in the album was this family photo of De Vere and his parents, Frank and Elenor (nee Charles) Haskell when he was the only child.  In 1902, his sister, Helen Francis, was born. And look, it’s the same backdrop and the same furry rug as the earlier photo.  They must have been photographer favorites.

This image is part of an album found in an antique shop in Fremont, Indiana.  The album contains photos of friends and family of Will Pinney of Arcade, New York.  De Vere was the grand nephew of Will’s wife’s aunt’s husband.  Just a little confusing, right? I hope to feature more photos from this album in the future.

Census records
New York County Marriages
New York Abstracts of World War I Military Service
University of Michigan records




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