Don’t call me Mozart


Harald Fredericksen, and his son, Harold Victor Byron Mozart, posed for this photo, in Chicago, Illinois.

Harald immigrated to the United States, from Denmark, in 1869, and settled in Chicago, Illinois.  He married Hermina Stocker, an immigrant from Norway.  Harald worked as a clerk and bookkeeper.  The couple had three daughters, Ella, Olga, and Dagmar.  Mozart was born January 27, 1885.  When this photo was captured, Hermina was pregnant with the couples’ fifth child, Elmer.  Harald died, aged 56, on July 14, 1903.


As an adult, Mozart went by Harold B., and shortened his surname to Fredericks.  He married Agnes Clancy in 1913.  Throughout his life, he worked as a salesman for an oil company, an accountant, and a commercial traveler for an office equipment firm.  He died July 12, 1945.

Find A Grave
Census records
Chicago, Illinois death records
New York marriage records

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