With Compliments


This carte de visite was languishing in a shop in Lansing, Michigan for at least two years.  On my latest visit, I could no longer resist the urge to rescue it.  The sitter looks to be about 20 years old and based on his fashion, I suspect the photo was taken in the late 1870s.  I wonder if the recipient of the image was a family member or a friend.


My search for an Andrew Valentine living in Pleasant Hills, Missouri came up empty.  However, I did locate a name and age match living about 124 miles away, in Columbia.  It’s possible that, as a young man wanting to make his own way in the world, Andrew lived for a short time in Pleasant Hills, before moving back to, and settling down in, Columbia.

Photo by Ancestry member, RichStier

I found the above photo, of the Andrew Valentine of Columbia, on Ancestry.  I think he’s definitely my cdv sitter.  Look at the ears, the forehead/hairline, and most notably, the one eye that’s slightly off from the other.  What do you think?

Andrew’s headstone gives his year of birth as 1859.  However, Andrew’s father, Erastus Valentine, recorded Andrew’s birth in the family bible as November 2, 1856.  It was also noted, in the bible, that he was named after his father’s brother, Andrew Jackson, who died earlier in 1856.  Andrew’s youngest son, Clyde, attributed the confusion about the year of his father’s birth, to the fact that the children did not believe their father could be that old.  haha!

1949 Feb 5 VALENTINE Andrew OBIT Moberly Monitor Index Moberly MO
Moberly Monitor Index (MO) – Feb. 5, 1949

Andrew enjoyed a long life, dying at the age of 92.  His wife, Agnes, preceded him in death in 1914.

Census records
Find A Grave
Missouri death records
Missouri marriage records
Andrew’s birth date and name – Ancestry member, davidvalentine164

4 thoughts on “With Compliments

    1. At first glance, they look so different. But, all of the little details seem to match up. I would love to know for sure. Maybe, a family member, with more photos, will stumble across the blog and be able to prove or disprove my theory. I’d love to reunite this cdv with the true Andrew Valentine’s family, someday.

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      1. I think I saw on a post that you gave some photos back to a family who found your blog? That is such a generous thing to do! I hope the family find you and can shed some more light, but you already do a brilliant job of it with so little to start with. 🌹🌝🌹

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