A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

bl img088

I originally bought this tintype because I’m a knitter and was immediately attracted to the knit and crochet items the girls were wearing.  However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the other tintypes in the shop, all featuring the girl on the left, and how I hated for them to be separated.  Needless to say, I went back for them.

The sitters in these photos aren’t identified, but they tell a story.  What that story is, I’ll let you decide.

bl img091

If you aren’t game for putting a story to these images, you’re in luck, as each provides the viewer with delicious victorian fashion eye candy.   I believe we see the transition from the late 1870s when dresses were frillier and looser fitting into the 1880s with form-fitting bodices, pleats, bustles, and lines of buttons (descriptions that clearly show my lack of fashion lingo.)

bl img090

I always feel a pang of pain and discomfort when looking at the Victorian women’s tiny waists, imagining the strangling corsets they wore to produce this look.

bl img089

I find a new detail every time I look at these photographs.  For instance, I just noticed that the woman on the left wore the same dress for the last two sittings.

8 thoughts on “A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

    1. Yes, I agree it’s the same girl in those two photos. And the purses! haha! When I see the photos, I view the blonde girl as a friend and the other two as sisters. Of course, it’s only my perception and it does eat at me a bit that I’ll never know.

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  1. I crochet, so, I am always interested in the handmade items in these old photos. Thanks for posting. My waist cannot, and should not, be cinched. It was born free. LOL!

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