Allie’s Snapshot

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The reverse of this cabinet card photo reads “Allie Weimer, Careysville, Ohio.”  Careysville was located in Champaign County, Ohio in the late 1880s which is when I believe this image was captured.  I was not able to locate an Allie Weimer in Careysville, but I do believe I’ve found our sitter.

Miss Allie Revenaugh was born in 1868 in Vinton County, Ohio, about two hours North of Careysville.  At the age of nine, her mother died and her father was left alone to raise her and her three siblings; Lizzie, Robert, and Nettie.   I wonder if the ring and cross she’s wearing in this photo belonged to her mother.

By 1880 the family was living in Milton Township, Wood County, Ohio, about two hours South of Careysville and it was here in 1892 that Allie, 24, married Charles Weimer, 42, an immigrant from Germany.  They had three children; Nora, Ida, and Paul.

Allie died in 1926 and her husband in 1932.  They are buried in the Milton Township Cemetery.

Census records
Find A Grave


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