I can’t be sure if the small image on this postcard is of the sender, Jane “Jennie” Belle Johnston, or if it’s a stock photo.  I bought it because of the humorous message Jennie wrote to her Grandmother, Mary A. Clapper.  Of course, the little note is funny now but I’m sure nobody was laughing about Jennie’s measles at the time.


from Jennie J
Dear grandma
My measels are better
I am not allowed out of the house yet
the quarteen will not be of for 2 weeks
ans my card
Love to all & kiss X X X

Jennie sent this postcard, April 2, 1910, when she was twelve years old and living with her parents, Albert and Bessie (Clapper) Johnston, and her older siblings, Alexander and Mabel in Homer City, Pennsylvania.

Six years later Jane married Byron Nevins whom she later divorced.  She had three children; Glen, Wade, and Charles.  Jane died at age 67 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Update 1/6/2020 ~ This postcard has been united with Jane’s granddaughter!

Census records
Find A Grave

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