Pearl Leora Waterson


These lovely portraits of Pearl Leora Waterson were found with family photos that once belonged to Pearl’s sister, Fern (Waterson) Hardenburg.  The image above is my favorite.  I feel as if Pearl is looking right through me.


Pearl was born in Olivet, Michigan on Feb. 7, 1889, and was the oldest of three children born to Walter J. and Minnie (Canfield) Waterson.


As a young woman, Pearl made her way out west to Seattle, Washington where she worked as a music teacher.  At the age of 27, she married Joseph Armitage Wade, a merchant who was born in England and resided near Quesnel in British Columbia, Canada where the couple settled and raised four children; Jane, Patricia, Gerry, and Dick.


Joseph and Pearl were well known in their community.  In addition to a street named after them, the historic house located at 777 Bowrun Avenue in North Quesnel is named the Wade House in honor of the couple.

Pearl never lost her love of music, using her talent and skill to give piano lessons and play the organ at her church. Pearl died in 1965 at the age of 76.

I’ve tagged all posts about this family with the Waterson name so if you’re interested in catching up and viewing all posts about the found photos from his family, please type Waterson in the search box (the small magnifying glass symbol) at the top of this page.

Census records
Canada marriage record
Canada death record
City of Quesnel – Wade House

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