Fannie Champlin


The polka dot dress!  The swiss waist belt!  I swooned when I saw this lovely CDV photograph.  Written at the bottom is “Yours Truly Fannie I. Champlin.”

Frances “Fannie” was born in Montville, Connecticut in 1850.  She was the daughter of Frances Elizabeth (Smith) and Captain Frederick W. Champlin, a seaman.  By the time this portrait was taken, in the early 1860s, the family was living in Norwich where Fannie lived until her death in 1919.

Her husband, Joshua Elliot Dolbeare, labored as a farmer.  Unfortunately, Fannie’s only child, a daughter named Evy, died at the young age of 11 years.  The family is buried together in West Plain Cemetery in Norwich.

bCHAMPLIN Fannie back
The back of the carte de visite features the photographer’s name, J. Weekes, and the seal and motto of Connecticut which reads ‘Qui Sustinet Transtulit’ and is Latin for ‘He who transplated (us) sustains (us).”

Census records
Find a Grave

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