How I Love Thee…or not


Henry C. Thee, 31, of Warrenton, Missouri, and Adelia (nee Meyers), 20, of Washington, Missouri tied the knot in 1929 at the St. Peter’s Parsonage. This wedding day photo sure paints a grim picture of the couples’ affection.  Yikes!  Let’s hope they were head over heels in love and what we are seeing here is the effect of a really long day spent in the company of overbearing mothers-in-law.

At the age of 47 Henry died, leaving Adelia and their thirteen-year-old daughter Madeline to mourn the loss. Two years after Henry’s death his family placed the following in the local newspaper.

17 Apr 1947 THEE Henry 2 yr Memorial Warrenton Banner Warrenton MO
April 17, 1947 ~ Warrenton Banner (MO)

In 1948 Adelia was living in St. Charles, Missouri, and working at the International Shoe Company.  Her daughter Madeline died in 1991 and, like Henry, is buried in Smith Creek Cemetery.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any further trace of Adelia.  She was still a young woman when she was widowed.  Maybe she found a new love.  I sure hope so!

Washington Citizen, Washington, MO Dec. 3, 1954 “25 years ago” article
1948 St. Charles Missouri City Directory
Census records
Find a Grave


4 thoughts on “How I Love Thee…or not

  1. By the sunshine it looks like they were wed in the summer, so only months before the crash of 1929. Imagine barely having a honeymoon before seeing such hard times.

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