She Called Him Fadie


I got this great 1961 identified snapshot in a mystery lot from the Etsy shop JakeRoebucks.  If you love old photos I suggest you check it out.

With the unusual middle name of Shira, Madge Jackson was easy to identify.  Born in 1954 to Betty (nee Shira), Madge graduated from Jeffersontown High School in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and went on to attend the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville.

At the time Madge wed Jeff L. Wampler in 1975 her mother Betty was Mrs. E. Joseph Kelly.  I’m not sure who Madge’s biological father was but I deduce that LCJ, or Fadie as Madge called him, was her paternal grandfather. From his detailed description of their visit, I feel like it meant a great deal to him.


Madge and Jeff had at least four children; Jonathan, Stephen, James, and Grace Anne.  I believe Madge is alive and well today.  She would be 66 years old.  Maybe she or a family member will happen across this post.

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The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky
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