And the Beet Goes On


bSITZMAN Mollie and Martha
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These are two more treasured photos I picked up from JakeRoebucks.  Be sure to visit often if you love old photos as they are always adding more.  They have mystery lots too, which are super fun!

These two young women were Mollie and Martha Sitzman.  If it weren’t for the house number being visible I wouldn’t have been able to identify these sisters who lived at 215 13th Street in Greeley, Colorado.

Mollie was born in 1902 and her sister Martha came into this world five years later.  Their parents, Karl and Barbara Sitzman, were Russian immigrants.  The girls were raised in a large family of ten children.

The sister’s father, whose occupation was a clocksmith when he lived in Russia, spent his days in America as a laborer on a beet farm.  The sugar beet industry was big business in Greeley.  In fact, it’s said that the German Russians introduced sugar beets to America.

By 1930, which I suspect was just a few years after these photos were taken, Mollie and Martha, now in their twenties, lived with their parents and worked as bean sorters at a seed company.  Sadly, both parents died that very year, Karl in April and Barbara in May.

Mollie and Martha never married.  They lived together, worked at the seed company together, and they are buried together.

Mollie Sitzman (1902-1999)
Martha Sitzman (1907-1990)

Census records
Find a Grave

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