Webster Sisters

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“Ammie & Margie Webster, Paris Texas, Sept 17th 1901”

The Webster sisters grew up in Paris, Texas. Ammie was the eldest, born in January 1878. Margie came along in November 1881. Based on how the inscription is written on the reverse I assume Ammie is on the left, although I feel she looks the youngest of the two.

The way Margie’s collar is fashioned makes it look more like a poorly wrapped gauze bandage holding her head on her shoulders. Of course, this observation might be the product of watching too many horror films.

Ammie died of an illness in 1916. She was just 38 years old and left behind a young son, Scott Galbreath. He honored his mother by naming his daughter after the grandmother she would never know.

Apr. 18, 1957 ~ The Paris News (TX)

Margie followed in her mother’s footsteps, working as a teacher. Based on her obituary, I suspect she might have enjoyed learning and traveling more so than educating. I know I would have.

Margie lived to be 75 years old and is buried in the Evergreen cemetery in Paris, Texas.

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  1. Rather an appealing photograph. You are so lucky in USA to have all the resources to research the subjects of your images. Always interesting to see
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