1913 Selfie

I wonder if the man in the photo, Mr. Lee Large, thought he was going to look relaxed and natural when he posed for this self-taken photo in Saltville, Virginia in 1913. Instead he’s got a stiff , mannequin-ish look going on. Hey, I bet many of us “selfie takers” can relate.

“Hello son! How are you? This is a picture of the spring that furnishes water for the town here. I made the picture. Write to me, Your Bro Lee”

Lee would go on to become a doctor in Rocky Mount, North Carolina where he settled with his wife, Nellie, and five children. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1954 at the age of 62 and is buried in Rocky Mount.

The recipient of Lee’s letter, his brother Willard, was taken by a cerebral hemorrhage just five years earlier.

6 thoughts on “1913 Selfie

  1. I grew up in Virginia, but hadn’t heard of Saltville, so I looked it up. The town has an interesting history, including two Civil War battles. Also, from Wikipedia: “Hydrazine rocket fuel made by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation’s plant in Saltville was used to power the rocket that took the first humans to the moon in the Apollo 11 mission.”

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  2. And I tend to focus on causes of death that run in families. Like I see strokes kn a couple generations, or early heart attacks without warning. Fortunately in our line, not cancer.

    He does look a bit stiff, doesn’t he? I also have that chin-raising tendency. Wonder how that comes about?

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