It’s Awful But It’s True

blpeck josephine

I found this handmade postcard while in Wisconsin. The recipient, Miss Rose Blondin, was thirteen years old in 1909 when she received this creative letter from her cousin, Josephine Peck.

blpeck josephine back

“Jan. 26, ’09. Dear Rose. We have another cat, the biggest I ever saw weighs about 20 lbs. is gray & white his name is Caruso. Please write soon, with love to all. From your cousin Josephine Peck.”

Rose worked as a stenographer and bookkeeper and lived in Marinette, Wisconsin her entire life.  At the age of 44, she married Simon Lassus, an immigrant from Finland who worked in a sawmill.  Rose lived to be 81 years old.

croppeck josephine

It’s awful, but it’s true,
I’ve tried my best,
but I can’t identify you.

I was unsuccessful in my attempts to uncover the family of Rose’s parents and therefore my hope of finding Josephine was crushed.

Census records
Find A Grave
Marinette city directories

8 thoughts on “It’s Awful But It’s True

  1. I think I may have found Josephine, though I can’t tell from the photo if it’s the same person! There was a “Josephine Peck” born in 1895, who was a student at Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1915. I’m including a link to her portrait in the school yearbook. She went to Lake Wood High School in Chicago. She was in the literary society and co-edior of the “Lawrentian.” She was vice-president of the senior class and president of the “Pan-Helennic.” Sounds like quite a girl!

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  2. I note that a Josephine Peck who is likely the person I mentioned in the previous comment married a Major R. Whitebread of the Coldstream Guards in London on September 15, 1915, according to the Chicago Tribune.


    1. I found the Josephine Peck at college in Appleton, but couldn’t nail her down to any particular Josephine Peck in Chicago. I’m now furiously (haha) researching again, both and the genealogy sites. Thank you!!!

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