Disembodied Hand

bcrBRADLEY Carolyn

I picked up this identified CDV from Heather on Instagram.  If you love old photos you should visit her account _wherethewillowsgrow_ .  Writing on the reverse reads “Mrs. Carolyn Bradley.”


Click on the above image to view full size

Based on the scratches (or what are often referred to as wipes) in the portrait I believe this is a copy of an earlier daguerreotype photograph.  Almost all definition in the sitter’s facial features was lost and someone, possibly the photographer, tried filling in the pupils and adding lines to the hair.  I cleaned up the feature image but this full view of the cdv shows the small blots of ink that ended up smudged around the sitter’s head

Unfortunately there is no photographer’s information or location so our sitter will remain a mystery…as will the identity of the person whose hand rested on her shoulder.  Was it a husband?  Possibly a brother or son sat beside her.

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