Florence Condit

sCONDIT Florence

Another wonderful image from Heather of _wherethewillowsgrow_ .  The young woman in this carte de visite sat for her portrait in Grand Rapids, Iowa.  Based on the small bit of fashion visible in the photo her image was captured in the 1870s.

Miss Florence Condit, the name penned on the reverse, lived in Centralia, Illinois, some 400 miles south of this photographer’s studio.  I found no family or school link which would explain why Florence might have been there, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t one.


I considered Florence might have been the recipient of this photograph and not the sitter.  I found this same image linked to Florence in one ancestry tree and on her find a grave memorial.  I reached out to the members who submitted the photos to those sites in the hopes of finding out more but did not hear back.

Florence married Dr. William Locker Hallam in 1875.  The couple had five children and twenty-two years together before William died at the young age of 45 years.  Florence never remarried and died in 1934.

Census records
Find a Grave

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